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Retro Vintage


Pin-up girls were models in the 40’s and 50’s whose mass-produced pictures appeared in magazines, newspapers, posters, calendars, and postcards. Pin-up photos are sexy while leaving a lot to the imagination. These sessions are flirty, fun, full of color, and they are often photographed fully clothed and with props.

The differences between a pin-up session and a boudoir session are the intention, the styling, and the posing. Pin-up photos are reproductions of magazine ads from the 40’s and 50’s. A boudoir session is booked for private reasons and the photos are not for commercial or public purposes. Pin-up girl sessions replicate the wardrobe, hair, and makeup styling from the vintage era. A boudoir session is styled in a contemporary way; soft curls, slightly glamorous makeup, modern lingerie or contemporary casual wardrobe. There is no “cheesecake” posing in boudoir as opposed to the posing from the vintage era. Finally, the pin-up models didn’t always model in lingerie. Suggestive posing with every-day wardrobe including dresses and skirts were common.